Pool Deck Resurfacing in Hartford County, CT

May. 62015

After Kool Deck removalThis pool deck repair and resurfacing project in Hartford County, CT involved removing a failing Kool Deck coating and applying our DiamondKote Pool Deck Texture System which is more appropriate for New England weather. Removal was done with diamond grinders and carbide scarifiers. All the brass pool cover anchors were protected during the process. As the photos show, we were able to remove the Kool Deck from the cantilever face on the pool coping also.

Surface Prep for Pool DeckThe plastic joints were rebuilt and eventually coated with our special Pool Deck Sealer.



Pool Deck sealing

Sealing Pool DeckAfter the DiamondKote cement layers were applied, we seal the deck with our special colored deck sealer which is resistant to all weather, stains, pool chemicals, and is cool and comfortable to walk on.


Here is the finished product, colored with our Smokey Silhouette gray sealer.DIamondKote Knockdown finish

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