Thin Stamp Overlays

DiamondKote® Thin Stamp Overlays can be applied to any floor or wall concrete surface, indoors or outdoors, or in some cases, stone, wood or drywall. Thin Stamp Overlay systems can beautify any interior or exterior concrete, no matter how bad the condition of it. It makes a great “cover-up” for old, ugly concrete or repaired concrete, as well as a beautiful preservative for newer concrete.

Thin Stamping is achieved by applying a colored DiamondKote® modified cement at 1/8” to ¼” in thickness over a concrete surface, and at just the right time, using flexible mats and Seamless Texture Skins on the surface, leaving a realistic impression of natural stone, tile or wood texture.

Various colors, textures, and patterns are available, see our  Colors & Patterns charts for your favorite combination, or ask our professionals at DiamondKote®.