Deck Waterproofing

  Rubberized Deck Coatings: Our Rubberized Traffic Deck Coatings can be applied to roof decks, parking garages, balconies, or any concrete surface that has space below to protect. The coatings come in three basic colors but special order colors can be placed for large quantities. The integral non skid sand gives the waterproof coating great traction and strength. Our flexible protective membrane coatings have crack bridging characteristics and elongation properties to ensure years of leak-proof service. These membranes have a decorative non-skid sand texture and can withstand vehicular traffic. It is the perfect solution for balconies, patios over garages, parking decks, patios, and any surface that has useable space underneath that needs to be kept dry.

Parking Garage Deck     sonoguard_3   Traffic Deck Diagram   Rubberized Parking Deck

Rubberized coatings come in two textures.

   Sonoguard Light Broadcast2

Our rubberized coatings come in three standard colors but almost any color can be blended for large batch orders.

Traffic Deck Coatings Colors
Traffic Deck Coatings Colors