4 Color Design Acid Stain Basement
4 Color Design Basement

Looking to improve the look and atmosphere of your floors? DiamondKote® has the solution. We offer unparalleled Decorative Flooring that with outperform anything on the market. Decorative cement and epoxy floors can offer seamless flooring wall to wall. Our flooring is allergen free, mold and mildew resistant, odor stain and resistant, and beautifully unique.

Epoxy Vinyl Chip Garage Floor -Saddle Tan
Epoxy Vinyl Chip Garage Floor -Outback

Got Pets? we have the solution for that too.  DiamondKote® surfaces are resistant to wear, pet dander, hair. urine & other pet accidents, and staining. Our flooring is resistant to mold, mildew and algae growth. Our floors can reduce moisture penetration which improves the air quality of your spaces. There isn’t a healthier choice than a DiamondKote® floor!

Vinyl Chip Floor- Stonewash
DiamondKote Vinyl Chip Floor- Stonewash

Our flooring options include epoxy, urethane, cement, MMA, Acrylic and many other options. Our Vinyl Chip Floors are top coated with our exclusive DiamondKote High Solids Clear Polyaspartic at 16 mil.  Let us help you prescribe the best solution for your flooring needs. We offer a wide variety of Colors and Patterns and you can find more information on our Garage Floor Coatings Page.