Spray Texture Overlays

A DiamondKote® Spray Texture Overlay can be applied to any floor or wall concrete surface, or in some cases, stone, wood or drywall. Texture Spray systems can beautify any interior or exterior concrete, no matter how bad the condition of it. It makes a great “cover-up” for old, ugly concrete or repaired concrete, as well as a beautiful preservative for newer concrete.

The advantage of a DiamondKote® Spray Texture Overlay lies with the grit texture finish it has. This texture provides a safe, non-skid surface for traffic from foot to forklifts. Since all DiamondKote® overlays are waterproof, this texture is most suitable for high traffic, outdoor needs such as walkways, stoops, patios, garage floors and driveways. Interior uses are appropriate for basement areas that have pet traffic.

DiamondKote® Spray Texture Overlays can be sprayed as a solid color with highlight “freckles” only, or over custom decorative stencil patterns found on our Stencils page.

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