Industrial Flooring Systems

Industrial Flooring Options: DiamondKote® offers many Industrial Flooring Solutions that include floor coatings, concrete floor polishing, floor densifying & dustproofing, joint treatments , and repair solutions. All our products are professional grade and we use only the best quality manufacturers.

Performance Coating Systems: Special coatings from manufacturers like Dur-A-Flex, DiamondKote®, and  Sherwin-Williams have formulations for moisture proofing (DK409 MVB), anti-static dissipation, self-leveling overlays, slip resistant coatings, chemical resistant coatings, and decorative finish coatings such as vinyl chip floors, quartz sand floors and metallic epoxy floors. Chemistry includes Epoxy resins, Urethane and Polyaspartic, Methyl Methacrylates (MMA), and Hybrid coatings. Please visit our Colors & Patterns Page for colors and finishes.

Concrete Polishing: Concrete polishing is a low cost environmentally green solution to performance flooring. We can bring strength, shine, and dustproofing to most industrial floors. Maintenance on these floors can be performed in-house, saving money. For a more decorative look, we can incorporate colors and designs during the process. For more information please visit our Concrete Polishing Page.

 Dustproofing & Densifying: For an economical way to control dusting and improve overall conditions for respitory health and dust from collecting on merchandise we offer concrete Densifiers and Sealers. Penetrating sealers such as our invisible densifiers will improve the concrete strength and hardness, dusting, and surface wearing of warehouse floors, thus extending the life of the concrete. The application is fast and odor free, virtually opening up the area to traffic in about an hour after application. Our second stage of densifiers include a sealer application that leaves a shine to the floors, enhancing the appeal of the concrete surface. Both of these systems reduce moisture vapor, slippery “sweating” on floors, and overall wear.

Joint Control Systems: DiamondKote® offers quality joint treatment with flexible epoxy, polyurethane and polysulfide joint sealants. These joint treatment systems have industrial duty strengths and chemical resistance properties. Most joint materials are offered in a wide variety of joint sealant colors and some can be custom colored in large batch orders. Sealing control joints eliminates dust and germ collecting, preserves the edges of the joint from traffic damage, and reduces moisture penetration.

Repair Systems: DiamondKote® offers any type of Concrete Repair. There is no damage that we can’t fix. Repair services include repair of spalled concrete, concrete scaling, concrete deterioration and salt damage, joint repair, crack repair, epoxy crack injection, slab raising (often called mud jacking), ramping of low spots and resurfacing of pitted and worn concrete. In some cases , where necessary, concrete replacement is the most reasonable solution, and we do that too.

Warehouse Joint Repair