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DiamondKote®, a division of AMT Enterprises, LLC are concrete contractors based in Middletown, CT. Since 1999, our mission has been to beautify ugly concrete for our customers while saving them thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Generally speaking, it costs about half the price to repair and resurface concrete than it does to remove and replace it. In addition, the finished look can be highly artistic. In some cases, when the repair costs approach the cost of replacement, DiamondKote®, can perform this task as well. Our concrete treatments can range from a small residential stoop repair to a heavy duty industrial epoxy floor coating.

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Why Do An Overlay?

Concrete, although a rigid and hard product, does have it's weaknesses. For starters, the concrete surface is pourous and can retain stains and moisture and often promotes mold and mildew growth. The porosity of concrete also lends itself to freeze-thaw damage called "spalling". Spalling is separation of the thin cream finish layer that lies just above the stone aggregate mix in the concrete. Expansion from freezing moisture blows apart this layer, it resembles flaking and peeling. Left untreated, it will continue deteriorating until it becomes a trip hazard and an insurance claim candidate. The DiamondKote® overlay system will protect both new and old concrete surfaces from this moisture penetration and freeze-thaw damage. The overlay will also create a stain resistant barrier that mold and mildew cannot root into, thus making it an easy clean up.

What Is The DiamondKote® System?

Common Mistakes

Stained and deteriorated concrete is ugly. A common mistake is covering it up with concrete paint. There is No Paint that will permanently bond to concrete. Please don't paint your concrete. It will always peel off due to weather, moisture, and traffic and will become a continuing maintenance project. Painting concrete will end up costing you more in the long run because paint removal is done by diamond grinding, chemical removal or sand blasting. All of which are very messy and expensive. Your only solution is a Cementitious overlay system. The DiamondKote® system bonds permanently and is resistant to traffic wear, weather, and staining. The only maintenance needed for DiamondKote® is periodic cleaning and Resealing every 4-6 years at a minimal cost. With proper care, your DiamondKote® overlay will last 40+ years!


Our Services


DiamondKote® Decorative services include interior concrete repair, concrete polishing, concrete dyes, concrete acid staining and water base staining, metallic epoxy and reflector epoxy, cement resurfacing, thin stamp overlays and decorative & artistic designs. Concrete repair services include DiamondKote® can resurface any countertop material with a new marble, granite, mica, or Corian look.


Exterior services include concrete repair, concrete resurfacing, concrete stamping and decorative & artistic designs. Concrete repair services include coating removal like Kool Deck or River Stone. DiamondKote® can resurface any concrete surface- new or old, with a decorative and protective surface that will last many years.

Specialty Services

Other services include floor prep and diamond grinding, shotblast services, adhesive removal services, epoxy crack injection, urethane crack injection, structural foundation repair, fire restoration, water damage restoration, moisture vapor barriers and concrete waterproofing techniques.

What can DiamondKote® Resurface?

Residential : Basement Floors, Garage Floors, Carports, Walkways, Stoops, Stairs and Steps, Patios, Pool Decks, Foundations, Retaining Walls, Countertops, Hot Tub Pads, Seawalls, Outdoor Kitchens

Commercial and Industrial : Entryways, Patios, Foyers, Lobby Floors, Pool Decks, Spa Decks, Bathroom Floors, Garage Floors and Parking Decks, Balconies, Column & Pier Repair, Seawalls, Parking Bollards, Warehouse Floors, Industrial Floors, Locker Room Floors, Classroom floors, Theaters, Auditoriums, Retail Floors, Bridges, Runways

Candidates for DiamondKote®

Some of our Clients include Residential work and Commercial work, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Churches, Funeral Homes, Retail Plazas, Super Markets, Salons, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Malls, Shopping Plazas, Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Food Processing, Kennels, Apartments & Condos, Office Buildings and Office Parks, Government and Municipal Work, Marinas, Beach Clubs and Associations, Condo Associations, Golf Clubs, Swim Clubs and Swim Schools, Studios, & Office Buildings

Areas Served

Serving CT, MA, RI, NY

In CT we serve Hartford County, Fairfield County, Middlesex County, New London County, Farmington Valley, Tolland County, Windham County, Litchfield County

In Rhode Island we serve Providence County, Bristol County, Kent County, Washington County, Newport County.

In Massachusetts we serve Hampden County and Greater Springfield Areas, Hampshire County, Franklin County, Worcester County, Bristol County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Essex County, Plymouth County, Barnstable County, Dukes County - Martha's Vineyard and The Islands.

In New York State we serve Columbia County, Dutchess County, Putnam County, Westchester County, Putnam County, Orange County, Ulster County, Greene County New York City, Bronx, Rockland County, Queens, Kings, Richmond, Nassau County, & Suffolk County.