Decorative Floor Coatings

Decorative Floor coatings are growing in popularity over ceramic tile, VCT, carpet and hardwood flooring because of its superior durability and low maintenance. A wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns allow customization that can’t be found with other materials. We can design a special look and feel that is so unique to your establishment , or home that nobody can duplicate it. Custom color blending and separation as well as company logos can be designed and installed right in your floor. Retail floors demand the highest performance. DiamondKote® decorative flooring utilizes the highest quality materials engineered for industrial and vehicular traffic.

Our coatings will last for many years without color fade, peeling, and excessive wear. Garage floor and Basement floor coatings are rapidly growing in New England. Many households are using these areas as extra living space. As well as housing our vehicles and utilities, these extra areas can host parties, tag sales, and many other part time functions.  Retailers looking for that Green Solution? Well we have it here, all our products are low VOC and low odor. DiamondKote®  floor coatings from are easy to clean, stain resistant, and can brighten and beautify any area. A properly installed floor coating will last for many years with minimum maintenance. Coating options are dependent upon repairs that are needed and slab moisture levels, called Moisture Vapor Transmission. We can perform MVT (Moisture Vapor Transmission) tests to determine which coating is appropriate. DiamondKote® has solutions for all types of garage floor needs and moisture levels.

  100% Solids Epoxy: Economical Protection.DiamondKote® offers an inexpensive solution for floors that don’t need industrial duty performance like palleting and forklift traffic. Candidates are newer floors, floors that are in good shape, floors that are not exposed to flooding and UV, and floors that are not exposed to excess chemical spills. Please visit our Color Charts for Epoxy and Polyaspartic Urethane color options.

 Epoxy Broadcast Systems: The Perfect Garage Floor Solution. Our DiamondKote® Epoxy Broadcast Systems are built with multiple layers of epoxy, a broadcasted aggregate, and polyaspartic polyurethane top coats. These systems are higher build and much tougher than a standard 2-coat epoxy system and warrantees can be as long as 12 years. Your garage floor will look like multi-colored granite, with the performance of our Industrial Floor Coatings. The aggregate choices are colored vinyl chip blends, colored quartz sand, or a silica sand finish. Please visit our color charts to see the blends. Please visit our Color Charts for Vinyl Chip and Quartz Broadcast color options. Garage Floor Coatings Link

 Metallic Epoxy SystemsBeautiful Basements & Retail Floors. Our DiamondKote® Metallic Epoxy Systems are built with multiple layers of clear epoxy, mixed with special metal powder colorants, and polyaspartic polyurethane top coats. These colorants are combined and blended to crate swirling and Marble-like effects. Your garage floor will look like a cross between a decorative stained floor and a slab of marble, with a little bit of glimmer. We use the same Commercial Duty Resins as our our Industrial Floor Coatings. The aggregate choices are colored vinyl chip blends, colored quartz sand, or a silica sand finish. Please visit our Color Charts to see the Metallic Epoxy blends.

WB Grey with Teal1

 Decorative Stained Finishes: Old World Feel. Acid and Water-base stains can be installed over existing concrete in good condition, or we can install a new DiamondKote® skim coat layer of cement to cover damages or repairs. These pigmented stained floors give the warmth and relaxing feel that the Romans enjoyed years ago. For showroom floors, commercial entryways, and enthusiastic residential applications-custom logos can be set in the floor as well. Please visit our Concrete Staining Page for more information and to see available options. In many cases, 2 or more colors are combined during the application for more character and effects.

 MVB- Moisture Vapor Barriers: Moisture vapor pressure is the transmission of underground moisture from below the garage or basement floor through the entire slab into the living space. The vapor transmitted should always be measured to determine the rate of moisture coming into the home. In many low lying areas and areas with high water tables, the rainy season forces more vapor pressure through the concrete than epoxy can handle, i.e. more than 3 lbs/1000sf/24 hrs. This can create a dangerous living condition that promote mold, mildew, and algae growth. Long term exposure to these microorganisms have proven to be hazardous to respitory health. Premature Corrosion can happen to metals on vehicles, tools and equipment as well. For this reason we offer Moisture Vapor Barriers. We offer 2 solutions- First is a penetrating sealer/barrier based on densifying and crystallization inside the slab. This sealer is not a film-forming coating and is nearly invisible to the eye. This treatment can block up to 7 lbs/1000sf/24 hrs. For higher rates we offer an industrial duty coating called DiamondKote® DK409. This sealer is a thick, clear film-forming coating and is applied over a shot-blasted profile which will need to have a heavy top coat of self leveling epoxy to cover the grooves from the concrete prep.This treatment can block up to 20 lbs/1000sf/24 hrs.

 Cement Overlay Systems: DiamondKote® offers a cement finish that does not need any kind of moisture barrier, making it an economical choice for moisture problem areas indoors or outdoors. We can apply a smooth Trowel Down System to resemble tile or marble or a Spray Texture System to resemble a tough sand-like finish for heavy use such as pet traffic. To learn more about smoother finish cementitious floors, Please visit our Trowel Down Systems or Thin Stamp Texture Skin Overlays.