Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete is naturally porous (or cellular) in structure like a sponge. This allows for moisture to pass completely through the slab, making it a perfect all weather product if placed correctly. For areas that require moisture a moisture free environment, like office and living spaces, or hydro-containment vessels, we have effective treatments to create a moisture proof barrier. Barriers can be in the form of penetrating sealers, densifiers, or epoxy moisture barrier membranes. Technologies that can be used include Sodium or Lithium Silicates or Siliconates, Colloidal Silicas, Cementitious Coatings, or Epoxy Moisture Mitigating Membranes.

Negative Side Waterproofer

Negative Side Waterproofing: When access to the exterior is limited or not an option, we have the solution. It’s call Negative Side Waterproofing. Yes, we can actually block moisture from entering through a foundation from the inside. A special cementitious product with a crystalline capillary growth agent delivers moisture blocking crystals that actually grow inside the concrete wall. The chain of crystals fill the concrete’s open pores, strengthening and moisture proofing the concrete by blocking the moisture.

Wolcott Public Library Before and After

Exterior Envelope Protection: Protecting the building envelope from moisture penetration is the first line of defense when the interior walls are not accessible. Cracks are filled with flexible sealant. Special primer membranes are then applied, followed by a heavy bodied exterior color coat. The building exterior then becomes water tight and maintenance and cleaning is a breeze! Life expectancy of a coating like this can be in excess of 20 years.

DK409Moisture Vapor Barrier

Epoxy Moisture Vapor Barrier (MVB): Our 2 Part 100% solids epoxy vapor barrier has outstanding bonding properties. Most coatings, vinyl tiles, hardwood, and other flooring can withstand only 3 lbs/24hr/1000sf of moisture vapor. DK409 Moisture Vapor Barrier can handle moisture vapor pressure up to 20 lbs/24hr/1000sf. This allows almost all floor coverings or overlays to be specified and installed effectively without voiding any manufacturers warrantees. The bonding properties and moisture resistance make this product a valuable choice for retrofitting industrial floors that require flooring solutions when there is no vapor barrier under the slab. After the DK409 barrier is cured, we can continue with a decorative finish including Epoxy floors or Overlays.

Epoxy Injecting

Foundation Crack Repair: Epoxy crack injection is the repair of choice that can strengthen and salvage cracked foundation walls. Urethane crack injection is useful to permanently stop water leaks through a foundation crack. Since access to the entire foundation is not available outside the wall, we treat the crack from the inside. Our Crack Injection process seals the crack but allows low pressure injection through carefully placed ports. Injection of expanding Urethane will fill the entire wall crack cavity and permanently stop water leaks. For severely damaged foundations we have strengthening and reinforcement solutions including Kevlar and Carbon Fiber Technologies.

Deck Waterproofing

Rubberized Deck Coatings: Our Rubberized Traffic Deck Coatings can be applied to roof decks, parking garages, balconies, or any concrete surface that has space below to protect. The coatings come in three basic colors but special order colors can be placed for large quantities. The integral non skid sand gives the waterproof coating great traction and strength. Our flexible protective membrane coatings have crack bridging characteristics and elongation properties to ensure years of leak-proof service. These membranes have a decorative non-skid sand texture and can withstand vehicular traffic. It is the perfect solution for balconies, patios over garages, parking decks, patios, and any surface that has useable space underneath that needs to be kept dry.