Metallic Epoxy Floor for a CT Salon

Feb. 42018

Connecticut salan floor repaired from moisture vapor damage to a new metallic epoxy coating.

This salon floor had a previous epoxy floor down that failed due to moisture vapor transmission. Hi levels of moisture permeated through the concrete surface from beneath that the force blistered the coating in multiple spots. The only remedy was to remove the coating and apply a special Moisture Barrier coating prior to a new Metallic Epoxy floor. We used our grinding machines with PCD and scarifying attachments on it to aggressively scrape away the existing coating.

PCD GrindingPCD Grinding

Epoxy Removal Coves salon


his process left deep scratches in the concrete so we made another pass with another set of diamond tool attachments to smooth it out. Once the floor was cleaned and vacuumed we applied cementitious urethane coating called Fastop by Sherwin Williams with a sand broadcast to create a moisture proof surface that we could bond to. We sanded that down and applied thick layers of epoxy, then we applied the Metallic Epoxy floor with a urethane top coat. This floor is now ready for years of service. Kevin at Cove’s Salon is happy and doing well, pay him a visit for a quality cut!

Boothe Park Damage Before Metallic Sterling


Metallic Sterling  Metallic Sterling
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