Concrete Staining in Rocky Hill, CT

Nov. 292016
Brown water based stain
Brown water based stain

This home has a couple of strong dogs that handily shredded the carpet. After the homeowners removed the carpet we discovered a beautiful concrete floor beneath with radiant heat. The most efficient way for the radiant heat to radiate into the rooms is to put a stained epoxy floor down.


We started by lightly diamond grinding the surface to open up the concrete to accept the stain and to allow a proper bond with the clear epoxy. After we cleaned it off we apply a custom dark brown blend of concrete stain and worked it into the surface.

After the stain cured, we apply a thick layer of 100% solids clear epoxy and then a Polyaspartic Polyurethane topcoat for scratch resistance and UV resistance.

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All products are industrial quality and VOC compliant as well as Pet Friendly!!

Thanks Laura and Jeremy, it was nice to work for you, Michael.

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