Metallic Blue Ocean

Feb. 182021

Metallic Blue Epoxy Creates a Look of Ocean Waves for Local Business

Client – Seahorse Docking

Time to Complete – 4 days

Problem –  A Damaged, peeling epoxy-coated concrete floor

Solution – Create an ocean floor with metallic blue epoxy

Seahorse docking is a company which sells non-traditional docking systems.  It only makes sense that they would want to create show room as non-traditional as their product.  The company’s founder is an avid boater who wanted a floor that reflected his love for the ocean.   Our Metallic Ocean Blue epoxy system was a perfect fit.

How Did We Do it?

DiamondKote removed the existing epoxy with our1100 pound floor grinder using 30 – 40 grit long life diamond pads.  This created a level and opened surface for the primer to bond to.

Our primer is a slower setting 10 mil 100 percent solids epoxy which wicks deeper into the concrete than most of our competitor’s products.  Once cured, we sanded the floor to remove any contaminants that settled into the primer overnight.

We then applied the blue epoxy and created a soft rolling look of the ocean.

High grade industrial clear urethane was used as the final layer to provide a durable finish.  The folks at Seahorse Docking were thrilled with the outcome!

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