Best Commercial Epoxy Flooring Near Middletown, CT

May. 252021

With over 20 years in the flooring business, Diamond Kote is well experienced and equipped to suit all of your flooring needs. We offer services in concrete overlay/resurfacing, concrete staining, concrete polishing, concrete repair, and concrete waterproofing. All of these projects can be done at the residential or commercial/industrial level. With proper care, Diamond Kote flooring can last upwards of 40 years, which is evidence of the highest quality services we provide. Part of what makes us so special is our services in commercial epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is a coating that goes over your concrete to protect it from any industrial activity. This makes commercial epoxy flooring perfect for warehouses, garages, etc. We can apply a clear coat epoxy, to display your natural concrete flooring, or apply one of our color options for extra design.

These colors range from decorative quartz sand to other colored aggregates. Not only do these colored epoxies protect your floors just as well as the clear coat, but they provide for an increased aesthetic appeal. Please check out our website for a full catalog of our color and pattern options. They range from solid colors to choices for any of your design preferences.

Our commercial epoxy flooring covers a variety of different flooring options. The performance coating system provides moisture proofing, anti-static, self-leveling, anti-slipping, and acid resistant surfaces. This high-performance flooring will stand the test of time and prevent injuries simultaneously. Our epoxy flooring systems are easy to clean and are heavy duty.

There are many other benefits of installing commercial epoxy flooring. One of these benefits is that they make your concrete stronger and thus less likely to crack on impact. For instance, our garage floor epoxy is freeze, thaw, oil, stain, mildew, salt, and sun resistant. This makes your flooring extremely durable which will save you and your business money in the long run.

Our industrial commercial floor coatings are the perfect addition for any warehouse, machine shop, or manufacturing plant in the area. These floors contain a 2 stage epoxy to combat heavy use and potential damage. Flooring that’s oil and chemical resistant is the perfect solution for a dirty workplace.

Garage and basement epoxy systems are also designed to be resistant, chemical and liquid wise, and are perfect for a multicolored floor that can handle large vehicles. With warranties lasting from 2 to 12 years, any problem you might face can be handled accordingly.

At Diamond Kote, our employees are highly knowledgeable and skilled at installing your flooring. We want to complete your installation correctly, the first time, because we value your time and your personal space. Our team is a solid group of professionals who know how to make your space look beautiful. Check out our gallery for images of our completed projects.

We urge you to try out our commercial epoxy flooring soon! If you are interested in this service, or any of the services listed on our website, then give us a call at (860) 571-8743. We are located at 206 Country Club Road in Middletown, CT if you would like to visit us in store. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate of your next construction project. With Diamond Kote, you can trust in us to protect you and your floors!

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