Nothing new to speak of here, just that this winter has been more damaging to concrete than many past winters in Connecticut. The extremely cold temperatures and heavy precipitation we have been experiencing this season has forced the municipal and private snow clearers to use excessive amounts of ice melt. Most of this ice melting material, either granular or liquid, has corrosive affects on steel and concrete.

Corrosion on steel is in the form of rust. Concrete corrosion is in the form of spalling from freeze-thaw cycles. The salt products create melting at sub-freezing temperatures, causing moisture to migrate through the unprotected surface of the concrete, and dwell there in the capillaries and pores. From there, the slat will dissipate, leaving water droplets seated just below the cream layer of the concrete. When another freeze comes though…Pop! goes the surface layer, like a broken potato chip.

What Can You Do?

For years there was no antidote to this type of damage, but now DiamondKote® has protective measures to defend against this costly damage.

First of all, we need to repair the damage. DiamondKote® has the answer to any type of concrete damage. Our methods are time-tested and are accepted by popular business, industry, and educational entities with the strictest engineering requirement.

Secondly, we can apply a DiamondKote® overlay on top of the repairs to hide the unsightly appearance. Our overlays are the ultimate cover-up.

And third, take some snapshots with your smartphone or digital camera and upload the to us on our Quick Estimate page. We will contact you back with a solution and a price range that will most likely be 1/2 the cost of replacement.

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