Dennis from OXXO, an eco friendly Cleaners, decided to go with a White Epoxy / Urethane system over white tile. Tiled floors are twice the price and have grout lines that will hold contaminants, germs and dirt. Epoxy systems are seamless, uniform, allergen free, stain resistant, and beautiful. The Epoxy system includes an epoxy primer, 100% solids Textured (Orange Peel Finish) epoxy mid coat, and a white Urethane top coat with fine non-skid additive.

Here are some before and after photos.

OXXO Cleaners Epoxy
OXXO Cleaners


Oxxo concrete
OXXO Cleaners Before
OXXO Cleaners White Epoxy
OXXO Cleaners White Epoxy with Urethane Top Coat