Well Established Concrete Restoration Services in Middletown

Nov. 22022

Here at Diamond Kote, our concrete restoration services have been performed by our concrete contractors based in Middletown, CT since 1999. Our mission has been to beautify ugly concrete for our customers while saving them thousands of dollars in replacement costs. It normally costs half of the price to repair and resurface concrete than it does to remove and replace it. When the project does approach the cost of replacement, we will perform this task if needed. Our concrete restoration services include anything from a small residential stoop repair to heavy-duty epoxy flooring coating. DiamondKote decorative services include interior and exterior options. These services are not just for residential but also commercial and industrial.

At Diamond Kote, our concrete restoration includes concrete staining, overlays, repairs, polishing, waterproofing, and epoxy flooring. Each repair has their own reason why that service would be done over another service. Concrete staining brings back the rustic look to modern architecture. Staining can be done on commercial plazas, driveways, sidewalks, and much more. Concrete overlays are protective coverings that can be a simple bonded waterproof covering or highly decorative. Repairing concrete is when the concrete was damaged or not installed correctly so it will need to be fixed. Concrete polishing is going to be a way to recycle old flooring. This is going to remove old tile or carpeting from an existing concrete floor and polish it rather than covering it again. Epoxy flooring is a covering for a garage floor or heavy industrial forklift or aircraft traffic. Waterproofing is where there is a moisture-proof barrier for the concrete. There are many technologies that can be used for this treatment of waterproofing.

With all these options for concrete restoration, we will help to make sure that you have the right one. There are a lot of reasons why the DiamondKote system is great for restoration. DiamondKote is stronger than concrete and freeze and thaw-resistant. It can be installed with unlimited designs, patterns, colors, and textures. The DiamondKote system is a lower investment than the cost of tearing out and replacing old concrete. It is also much better looking, more durable, and easier to maintain than plain concrete.

The quality of your concrete should always be a concern to any homeowner, and ensuring the foundation of your home is safe is critical. With years of experience in the concrete industry, we work tirelessly to repair the concrete in or around your home. For more information on our work, visit our services page where we outline exactly what we can offer.

Are you thinking about fixing or changing the concrete that you currently have? We have different options available to restore the concrete that might need it. Give us a call at (860) 571-8743 or visit diamondkote.net to learn more about each service we offer.

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