Top Quality Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in the Northeast

Nov. 232021

Flooring solutions are made possible by our experienced team of contractors. Our wide array of concrete overlays are made from real stone. For the last 22 years, we have strived to make your concrete flooring beautiful again with our decorative concrete resurfacing.

Heavy foot traffic is often a topic of concern, your custom colored floors will be renewed and elegant. Anything ranging from your basement floor to your concrete pool deck will appear immaculate.

Diamond Kote contractors utilize hand trowels for an efficient job. Your concrete driveway or garage floor will flourish with our decorative coatings. Colored concrete is a considerable option for the reasonable price we offer.

Regardless of the age of your concrete, our professional contractors will make any slab look renewed. Concrete surfaces can wear out over time, that is why our decorative concrete overlay is the ideal option for your floor.

Our concrete coating options will save you the cost of decorative concrete resurfacing elsewhere. Concrete resurfacing products we use are efficient and strong. Our team of experienced contractors have a vast resurfacing kit and have worked with stamped concrete before.

Garages, your patio pool deck, you name it! Diamond Kote offers immaculate services that will make the final product look beautiful. In order to properly maintain floors, you should replace them every 4-6 years. However, with proper care, your concrete should last you up to 40 years.

Decorative concrete resurfacing is made easy when you choose Diamond Cote contractors. The reason customers choose us is due to the reliability of our services. Our immaculate spray texture overlays will be the perfect option for your floor wall or concrete surface.

Our spray texture overlays have the potential to significantly beautify any exterior concrete regardless of what condition it is in. This solution serves as a preservative for old worn down concrete. It successfully covers that concrete that has gotten old and musty.

Concrete overlays and decorating offers an industrial look to your floor. The concrete epoxy installation provides a durable surface. Epoxy is a great way to preserve floors for a long period of time at a lower cost.

Floor epoxy is a wonderful solution that is hygenic and valuable for your floors. The special thing about floor epoxy is that it is impossible for chemicals to damage your floor. The strength of floor epoxy is what makes it notable and worthwhile.

Concrete redecorating is not a do it yourself project. It is a strenuous process that takes time and effort. Every little detail matters to make your flooring look new again. It takes years of experience and requires the correct steps and machinery to do so.

There are numerous benefits in regards to concrete resurfacing. Concrete is strong and porous and has the ability to absorb stains. Therefore, these stains will not be apparent to the naked eye. If this was a floor that was decorated with carpet or wood, the stain would be visible to guests and visitors of your home or workplace.

Concrete resurfacing will minimize the risk that stains present because it fosters a slick smooth surface. The process of decorative concrete resurfacing only takes two to three days. Time is dependent on several factors. The amount of concrete that has to be removed and how large the work area is are the factors that determine the length of the job.

When the project has reached an end the results will be transparent. In certain cases, the job will only take one day to reach the entirety of completion. No streaks or stains resonate following the restoration.

When it comes to projects such as pool deck restoration, our team of advanced contractors will utilize stamped concrete. Our contractors are capable of changing the coloration of the floor on your pool deck.

Nothing is more damaging to concrete than extreme weather conditions. That’s why after the holiday season, our team is committed to fixing the worn down concrete in your home. Our contractors have worked with concrete corrosion and rust.

Diamond Kote provides preventative cost effective measures that will save you money and energy in fixing your home. Our solutions to these problems are approved by businesses and educational facilities that have the strictest engineering requirements in the Northeast.

When we see that concrete is worn down or stained, we provide the perfect solution. Our Diamond Kote overlay is placed on top of repairs to cover up damage that is not pleasing to the eye.

Decorative Floor coatings are the perfect low maintenance solutions for your floor. Our professional contractors create a design personalized to your space. Our epoxy broadcast systems will serve as the perfect solution for your garage.

When it comes to basements and retail flooring, Metallic Epoxy Systems is the way to go. Our Diamond Kote Metallic epoxy systems are built with a multiplicity of layers of clear epoxy. Colorants are blended together to create a marble effect. This marble effect is pleasing to the eye and will look like a slab of marble.

Do not wait to install your decorative floor into your space, for more information, call 860- 571- 8743 or visit our website today. Our mission is to give you a valuable flooring experience.

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