outdoor-countertop-barConcrete makes a durable countertops material for larger projects both indoors and outdoors. It’s all-weather performance holds up well as the #1 choice of countertop material for Outdoor Kitchens. Concrete countertops can be poured in place with embedded aggregates like decorative stone, recycled glass, seashells, or almost anything you can dream of. If you’re a fisherman… why not some lures? If you’re into fast cars… why not some engine parts? If you’re a stylist….  why not some shears and hair tools? Concrete countertops make a great surface at your place of business for Reception Areas, Bar Tops, and Service Counters.

Bar Top Copper Metallic After2For smaller sized residential projects, Countertop Overlays are the surfaces of choice . These overlays are either decorative epoxy systems or cement overlays systems. DiamondKote® has overlays that can resurface Formica laminate counters, tile and stone counters, and other dated products. The Epoxy Countertop Systems are built with Metallic Epoxies and blended to resemble Marble and Granite. Cement Countertop Overlays can be Troweled On or Thin Stamped at 1/8″ thick with a texture skin. Many colors are available for either system. To learn more, Please visit our Trowel Down Systems or Thin Stamp Texture Skin Overlays. Another popular option for Countertop finishes is Acid Staining or Water Based Staining.  All our countertops are sealed with a special stain resistant clear sealer depending on the application. Some sealers are invisible impregnating types and some are film forming and glossy.

Colors for Metallic Epoxy, Staining, and Cement Overlays are on our Color Charts Page.

Skin Textures and Colors for stamped countertop finishes are on our Concrete Stamping Page.

For photos of DiamondKote® Concrete Countertops please visit our Countertop Gallery Page.