Renew the Interior and Exterior of Your Home with Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Apr. 192022

Every part of your house needs to be spruced up or repaired at some point. This includes the concrete in your basement, garage, or driveway. Even for commercial properties, at some point, the wear from heavy foot traffic will lead you to decide on when and how you want to resurface the floor. At Diamond Kote, we provide the best decorative concrete resurfacing for both residential and commercial properties.

For 20 years, our experienced Diamond Kote contractors have been giving residential and commercial floors a renewed look across the tri-state area as well as in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Concrete resurfacing is hardly a DIY type of project, so when it comes time to have your floors refinished, you’ll want a reliable and knowledgeable team you can turn to.

Our talent for resurfacing your floors, whether with decorative pieces or a simple bonded waterproof covering, will protect and beautify all your new or damaged concrete surfaces. With our services, we can even have your fireplace hearth or countertops looking brand new! And with proper maintenance and care, your new decorative concrete resurfacing can last you for up to 40 years.

There are a ton of benefits to concrete resurfacing. Concrete is strong and porous and can absorb stains rendering them invisible. Additionally, the new surface will have increased resilience to future wear and tear. And if you’re looking for a great, affordable way to increase the value of your home, then decorative concrete resurfacing is the way to go.

If you’re looking for outdoor resurfacing, you’re probably aware that extreme weather can be damaging to concrete. Our team is committed to fixing down the worn concrete inside as well as outside of your home so that you can rest assured your outdoor concrete lasts through the seasons. Whether your concrete resides poolside, on the patio, or on the driveway, Diamond Kote will renew your slabs in time to enjoy them in the warm weather outside.

Diamond Kote provides preventative, cost-effective measures that will save you money and energy in repairing the concrete surfaces in or outside of your home. Our method to solve your worn concrete problems has been approved by businesses and educational facilities that have the strictest engineering requirements in the Northeast.

We offer five types of resurfacings, spray texture overlays, trowel down overlays, rubberized traffic decks, and more. Our spray texture overlay, popular for steps and walkways, can be applied to any concrete floor or wall, or in a few cases, stone, wood, or drywall. This service provides a great way to quickly cover up any damaged parts of concrete, no matter what condition it’s in. And it acts as a beautiful preservative for newer concrete.

Our rubberized deck coatings can be applied to roof decks, parking garages, and balconies. The coatings come in three basic colors and have decorative, non-skid sand textures made to withstand vehicular traffic. The application has great traction and strength and is waterproof to keep usable space below the deck dry. It also comes in two textures: full broadcast and light broadcast.

If you plan to be sitting poolside this summer, you’ll want to make sure that your pool deck is not in disrepair. With Diamond Kote’s pool deck texture system, you can have a durable yet comfortable-to-walk-on surface to layout or entertain guests on. To guarantee longevity, the final product is given a sealer, a blend of acrylic and polyurethane resins, along with other additives to ensure stability during the heat or extreme cold. Our pool deck options include a variety of colors from Smokey Silhouette to Siberian Haze. You can check them out here! And although a new pool deck is a compelling service, we are also able to service you in repairing your patio, steps, or walkway!

And if you don’t see a service listed that you are interested in, please contact us! While we are a business concentrating on stamped concrete and resurfacing, we are always looking for ways we can service clients outside of our specialty! If you have any questions, you can reach out to us by giving us a call at (860) 571-8743. Check out our website here to learn more about how we can improve, repair, and enhance the concrete surfaces of your home!

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