This Milford homeowner wasn’t simply looking to repair an old concrete floor he was looking for that “Wow” factor you can only get from a bold color.

Immediately, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The slab was cracked and sunken away from the wall.  The average depth at center of the crack was 2 ½ inches and we needed to fill the low area and level the floor.

The job used 90 bags of Rapid Set LevelFlor underlayment cement and 45 bags of peastone. 

Then we hand mixed the cement and laid the floor.  

The next day we diamond grinded it to smooth out any imperfections and floating stone aggregate.  MVB (Moisture Vapor Barrier) epoxy primer was used to mitigate the moisture vapor transmission.

We used a 10 mil epoxy base coat and colored it Safety Red. 
Finally, an  Industrial Polyurethane provided a slip-resistant top coat.

Our customer was ecstatic with the results!

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