Below is a short list of popular Overlay Projects and their average cost:

DiamondKote Spray Texture-Light Gray
Spray Texture Condo Stairs

Front Staircase, Spray Texture Overlay – $900-$1150 avg





Pool Deck Texture Tavern Buff
Pool Deck Texture

Pool Deck, Pool Deck Texture Overlay – $2800-$3400 avg





Patio Spray texture
Deck After Spray Texture

Rear Patio, Spray Texture Overlay – $1600-$2350 avg





Epoxy Vinyl Chip Garage Floor -Saddle Tan
Epoxy Vinyl Chip Garage Floor -Saddle Tan

Garage Floor, Epoxy Vinyl Chip System – $2600-$3400 avg





Basement Polish & Buff
Basement Polish & Buff

Basement Floor , Concrete Polishing  starts at -$2200.

Some well troweled Basement Floors can start at $3 per sf!