Personalize Your Space With DiamondKote’s Concrete Flooring Contractors

Jul. 232022

Tired of staring at the same dull concrete every day? Ever wonder how you can transform this space to be more “you”? At DiamondKote, we have all the services you need to add that “WOW” factor to your concrete floors! We offer a massive variety of overlays and stains that will guarantee your satisfaction. Read on to learn more about these services from the top concrete flooring contractors in Connecticut!

Personalize Your Space With DiamondKote’s Concrete Flooring Contractors

DiamondKote spray textures and thin stamps are perfect for masking that unsightly concrete look. These layers provide fresh style to your space without breaking the bank. Our spray texture overlays allow you to maintain the original grit of your concrete, conveniently adapting for walking spaces, patios, garages, and more. At DiamondKote, we understand the importance of presentation in, and out, of the house. That’s why our spray textures are duly equipped to weather indoor and the outdoor wear! We don’t stop there, though. These sprays come with a variety of stencil and color options, giving you the freedom to customize your space at will! Likewise, our thin stamp overlays provide realistic impressions of stone, tile, or wood, impressing your guests with this authentic look. Both our spray and stamp options come in a wide array of colors. Check them out today on our website.

In addition to our sprays and stamps, DiamondKote also offers trowel-down overlays and pool deck textures. Our trowel-down overlays can also be applied as a cover-up for old concrete but provide a cheaper alternative to its sleek look. This marbleized look offers a classy finish without the high price tag of imported, authentic tile. Furthermore, the trowel down overlays are offered in a variety of colors, from coral pink to slate green. With these great options, you can trust DiamondKote’s concrete flooring contractors to provide you with the finest style for your space! With all these choices for your floors, don’t forget to tend your pool! With DiamondKote’s pool deck texture system, we ensure that our colored sealers are durable enough for all types of outdoor use. Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us, so we strive to deliver the best quality for your space!

Finally, our acid staining services entirely transform your space by combining colors to achieve an array of effects on your floors. This wide variety of colors contributes to your ability to individualize your floors, exhibiting your creativity throughout. Finished with a clear sealer, the gorgeous shine of these floors makes you forget the boring concrete beneath! Additionally, our water-based stains offer similar effects as acid stains, but at lower prices with a greater choice of colors, including black, yellow, green, and even purple! This large amount of options allows for many different effects on your floors. Whether we deliver our services in your home or business, these floors are sure to please! 

DiamondKote is proud to provide the best concrete flooring contractors for your cosmetic flooring needs. Our team is eager to help you personalize your space, and can’t wait to achieve your dream floors. Call us today at (860) 571-8743 to learn more, or visit our website to receive a quick estimate for your concrete floors!

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