Our Concrete Polishing Services Shine Through Competition

Jun. 252021

Concrete floors add a modern, industrial look to not just the floor itself, but to the overall feel of the building. Upon primary installation, many customers realise that their new concrete surfaces look better than they could have imagined. The shine, durability, and feel of a new concrete floor create an appearance that immensely boosts the image of the entire building. Our intensive concrete polishing services ensure that your concrete not only shines, but holds that look for longer.

At Diamond Kote, our primary goal is for you to feel that “new floor feeling” every time you walk through your door. However, like any floor, existing concrete floors take wear and tear, degrading their shine and durability.

Broken, uneven, or dull floors can seem unprofessional and even may negatively impact the overall reputation and feeling of the business. Here at Diamond Kote, we have the perfect solution to what might seem like a daunting problem. Our concrete polishing services will restore your floor to looking better than ever before. Our concrete floor service leaves it looking like you installed a brand new floor.

In addition to unique shine, our services keep the concrete looking great. Polishing concrete reduces the likelihood of chipping and peeling in addition to many other harmful issues that hinder the look of the floor, in turn reducing future maintenance costs.

One of the biggest pros of our concrete polishing services is the customization of the concrete staining process that comes with our services. We have a wide variety of colors and types of polish to choose from, ensuring that we have the right option for you and your flooring needs. From gold, to green, mahogany to midnight black and most colors in between, our variety of selection ensures we can find the best color for you.

As an industry leader, we not only offer unique colors at Diamond Kote, we also offer different variations of glosses. From sheen to a satin high gloss, we can implement the ideal gloss that makes your floor finish look and feel exactly how you want.

Not only do our concrete polishing services provide a better looking floor, but they also provide a more structurally stable floor. Our concrete polishing processes at Diamond Kote help re-level the floor in addition to making it shine. This is beneficial because level floors not only provide a more professional feeling atmosphere, but also reduce the risk of employees or clients getting injured while in your building.

With our concrete polishing services, there is no need to worry about scuffing shoes on loose pieces of concrete, or tripping on surfaces that were chipped or peeling. We provide a professional and efficient service that will leave your floor looking new.

Concrete may not always appear to be the top choice for flooring material, but it may be time to rethink that notion. Diamond Kotes concrete polishing services provide not only a cost effective treatment for the long term care of your polished concrete floor, but also an eco-friendly option. Only requiring minimal upkeep, these floors reduce the harm in the environment, so you can feel as good as your new floors look. No matter what condition, wet or dry, polished floors stand out among the rest.

Square foot for square foot, our floor coatings are not only some of the best in the business, but our team will install them with the golden ratio of customer service, and expertise. Providing polished floors for the likes of ESPN, Central Connecticut State University, and many cities in the state of Connecticut, our experience and skill guarantee that we will be able to tackle almost any project.

Diamond Kote has been concrete grinding, polishing, and more for twenty years. Our know-how and customer service combined with our quality product leaves companies all over Connecticut satisfied. Let us give you an estimate today, and get you and your company on its way to that new floor feeling. Contact us at (860) 571-8743 or visit our website by clicking here.

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