Listing the Benefits of an Epoxy Floor Coating

Feb. 232022

There are many benefits of installing epoxy floor coating with a professional company. It is long-lasting, safe, beautiful, and easy to maintain. With the right company, you can have your floors installed quickly and efficiently. We’ve listed a few of these benefits below, and are always happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Safety– Epoxy floors are safe and durable. The chemicals used are not harmful and provide an exceptionally beautiful floor of your design choice. Epoxy floors are also slightly softer than hard concrete floors, but not by much. This type of flooring is also slip-resistant, so if you do spill something on the surface, you’re less likely to slip and fall.

Easy to Maintain– The coating is also designed to be easy to maintain and easy to clean. While our epoxy floor coating is stain resistant, you’re bound to track some dirt or debris in. These floors are incredibly easy to clean, and taking a mop or broom to the epoxy will just make it shine brighter.

Chemical Resistant– They are also chemical-resistant, making them perfect for spaces where chemicals and spills may be present, especially in auto shops or trade room floors. Oil and engine grease are common fluids you’ll see when dealing with cars, so protecting your floors from long-term stains or damage can extend their life tenfold. This type of floor is also great for commercial spaces and can stand up to heavy traffic and withstand heavy machinery.

An epoxy floor can last for decades, depending on how much traffic it will receive. In residential settings, a single coat of epoxy will last for about 30 years. Industrial locations, on the other hand, can require a thicker coat of the material. A thicker layer will also protect the floor from stains and moisture.

The installation process is simple, but it should be done by a professional. The amount of days this can take entirely depends on the job itself. Epoxy flooring is NOT a home project, and hiring a professional to perform this task is required. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you hire Diamond Kote? With years of experience in the industry, we provide amazing work for all of our clients.

While epoxy floors are extremely durable and long-lasting, they are not indestructible. Repairs may be needed, but not for decades later. When you need an additional epoxy layer or overall restoration, we can also provide you with that exceptional service.

For more information on an epoxy floor coating, be sure to visit the rest of our website, or give us a call today at 860-571-8743. We look forward to hearing from you and providing A+ style work for your home!

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