Diamond Kote Hired To Restore Historical Museum Floor

This quaint park chose DiamondKote as the preferred flooring contractor for this historical floor restoration project to restore a barn floor in one it’s many unique architectural structures. The concrete, over a century old, had many imperfections including deep oil stains, 70 linear feet of cracks, and areas in the middle that were broken.Historical Floor Restoration


boothe_park_damage_before boothe_park_oil_stains_before boothe_park_cracks_before boothe_park_demo
Boothe Park Damage Before Boothe Park Oil Stains Boothe Park Cracks Before Boothe Park Demo
We saw cut and jack hammered the broken areas and re-poured high strength cement in place.


After repairs were made, we applied a cementitious urethane moisture barrier by Dur-A-Flex called Polycrete SL. Then we did a full broadcast of colored vinyl chips- color # 411 from our Color Chart, called “Domino”. We finished with a thick layer of Polyaspartic Urethane for years of durable service.


Boothe Park Domino


Boothe Park Vinyl Chip