High Performance Flooring for High Performance Machines: Epoxy Vinyl Chip Floor in Madison, CT

Jan. 272022

This 3 car garage needed a facelift to blend in with the beautiful vehicles inside.

Our customer knows quality and is meticulous with his toys. His knowledge of quality products led him to DiamondKote for his choice in Garage Floor Coatings.

We selected a Moisture Barrier Epoxy as our primer coat to block the harmful moisture vapor transmission coming right through the concrete, which in time, could rust these beautiful machines.

We diamond grinded the concrete with our vacuum assist grinding machines and used ProREZ Industrial Coatings along with ¼” colored vinyl flakes embedded into the thick epoxy.

The epoxy is a slow set primer with long dwell time, this allows the resins to wick into the pores of the concrete for a better lock and bond than those companies that use fast set primers.

After the overnight cure, we returned the following day to shave and recover the loose chips that were broadcast in excess.

We then mixed up our Clear Polyaspartic and flood-applied it to the floor by pouring the material out of the buckets directly onto the chips.
We used rubber squeegees to spread the thick material evenly throughout the floor, and we added non-skid grit for traction in wet conditions.

The customer trimmed out the walls beautifully with PVC base moldings and painted them to compliment the floor color.

The end result is a beautiful, weather resistant space for his prize machines that will last for many years to come.
DiamondKote’s 12 Year Guarantee and high performance materials ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

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