Floor Polishing in Dutchess County, NY

May. 72015

Polished concrete

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Popular Artist Andrew Cooks chose DiamondKote  for his floor finishing in this High-Tech custom home.20150505_155308_1200x720

The floor was well burnished by Andrew’s concrete finisher, so we were able to give it an economical light polish, densifier, and sealer for less than half the cost of ceramic tile and without the grout either!  Radiant heat tubes run throughout the floor and will pass through into the living space with the most extreme efficiency.


Andrew Cook’s work can be seen worldwide from Australia to Budapest to Paris to the United States. Andrew holds many degrees including a PhD and is obviously skilled in state of the art home design. Please visit his website at http://www.andrew-cooks.com/  to see some amazingly inspired creations of art. Andrew Cooks Art

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