Epoxy Creates a Stunning Faux White Marble Finish!

Our customer asked us to create a white faux marble which would resemble the countertop in her newly renovated basement. To make this happen we carefully prepped the floor with diamond grinding equipment and dust recovery vacuums. First, we applied a very heavy white primer needed to hide the concrete’s natural color. The following day we added some fast-set touch up epoxy wherever we saw that concrete color was seeping through.

White marble floor area

We let it dry and then used a heavy metallic epoxy coat to create marble veins with a sterling-colored metallic powder. Using a folding technique we were able to blend the two colors together. On the third day we applied our industrial gloss urethane top coat with non-skid grit added for traction.

The results were amazing, it looked exactly like our customer’s countertop in color and appearance. She was thrilled with DiamondKote!

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