Downtown foundations, being almost 100 years old in some cases, can bring unique challenges. Changes in road construction by the City of Hartford can sometimes disturb the subterranean flow of rain water and ground water. These cracks in a foundation of a Union Place building were leaking with ground water all the time. We call those “Flowing Cracks”. Several attempts were made at sealing and injecting the cracks, but the water pressure would either blow off the cement seals that were installed or force out the urethane injection material.

Leaking Foundation Crack
Crack Injection Foundation Repair

We resorted to creating our own plate system to fix the ports over the open cracks, and fastened them mechanically with special concrete screws. We then waited for some drier weather to try and apply another round of cement patching. We encapsulated the plates with high strength cements and let them set up for a little more than a week.

Fast Set Urethane Injection
Fast Set Urethane Injection

We went back after several days without precipitation and injected the cracks again with a fast setting urethane, followed by a 2 part expanding urethane.