Epoxy Injection for Basement Cracks-Leaky Foundation Walls in CT

Mar. 302015
Basement Leaky Walls
Flooded Basement

Basement Leaks in Cromwell, CT, Rocky Hill, CT and Wethersfield, CT are frequent this time of year due to rising ground water levels. The Rainy Season is here. After a long snowy winter we can expect a higher than usual flooding from excessive snow melt carried down from the high country though local rivers and their tributaries. Water Tables will rise and curtain drains will get overwhelmed. This moisture can quickly sprout mold and mildew growth which is a common health hazard.

Flood water can enter the basement through penetrations and cracks in the foundation walls. Please visually inspect these areas for signs of dampness or a white powdery residue called “Efflorescence”. DiamondKote® can repair and plug these problem areas and block the flood water from entering the basement.

Epoxy Crack Injection-Basement
Epoxy Crack Injection-Basement

Our Epoxy Crack Injection process fills the cracks and penetrations with expanding urethane and strong epoxy resins, permanently stopping flood water from penetrating the wall. Gather your photos and contact us for a free estimate.

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