Concrete Flooring Contractors in Middletown, CT

Oct. 212022

Are you tired of looking at your concrete flooring and seeing all the problems that are not getting fixed? At DiamondKote, we want to help you fix the problems that you see in your concrete. We are concrete flooring contractors in Middletown, CT. We provide many different services depending on your needs. Our mission is to make the ugliest concrete look beautiful while saving our customers money in replacement cost. We have concrete treatments that range from small residential repairs to the heavy-duty industrial epoxy floor coating.

As concrete flooring contractors, we offer concrete staining, concrete overlays, concrete repairs, concrete polishing, epoxy flooring, and waterproofing. Each one of these services has a unique reason to do that certain service. Some of our services protect the concrete while others provide a decorative look.

There are also some of our services that are protective and decorative. Staining is going to be one of the services that we provide that is going to be protective and decorative all in one process. Concrete staining brings back the rustic look. This look is accomplished by a technician artistically applying colorants. If you would like there can be different colors or a pattern applied. The stained surfaces will be sealed which is going to have a life expectancy of over 50 years with the right maintenance. This service is going to be applied mostly to residential concrete.

One of our biggest services is our concrete repair service. There are many reasons why concrete needs to be repaired. Most times when concrete is installed there is not always a protective treatment. You will not have to worry about that when you have DiamondKote repairing your concrete. When we repair concrete we make sure that we protect the surface so it will last for years to come. We will fix all types of concrete damage on any concrete surface including foundations, retaining walls, and concrete flatwork.

Now if you have concrete cracking or salt damage we will repair that as well. Salt damage occurs when the salt penetrates untreated concrete pilings, piers or flatwork which causes concrete and reinforced steel to corrode. This will cause rust which is never a good sign. We have a treatment that is going to prevent this damage. Another type of concrete problem that a lot of people see is cracking. We will insert epoxy into the crack to salvage the cracked walls. These two problems are some common problems with concrete but don’t worry we have you covered!

Here at DiamondKote, we are concrete flooring contractors that are going to help fix and protect any concrete surfaces that you might have. We want to make sure that you change your ugly concrete into something that you want to look at. Visit to figure out which service is going to benefit you the most.

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