Changing Your Ugly Floor with Concrete Polishing Services

Sep. 212022

Here at DiamondKote, we are concrete contractors based in Middletown, CT. Our mission is to turn ugly concrete into something that looks beautiful while saving our customers thousands of dollars in replacement costs. We provide services for interior and exterior problems. We offer concrete polishing services, concrete repair, concrete overlay, concrete staining and waterproofing. Yes, concrete is rigid and a hard product but it does have its weaknesses. At DiamondKote we have a long list of items that can be resurfaced. We can resurface both residential, commercial and industrial surfaces. Some of these surfaces include basement floors, garage floors, patios, pool decks, warehouse floors and many other surfaces. 

We want to help you recycle your existing concrete floor and polish it rather than just covering it. Polishing is an economic alternative to floor covering. Installation could be as low as $4 per square foot and five times the wear ability and life expectancy. If you are getting a polishing service done, it will require some maintenance here and there which is still significantly less than other floor coverings. 

Floors that would be able to get concrete polishing are usually industrial and commercial Laser-Screed and burnished concrete floors. A lot of residential floors don’t polish well but there are other methods that can be done. These methods include using sealers and buffers to achieve a lasting result on the floor. 

Our concrete polishing services can offer surface sheen options from station to a high gloss. You can add coloring and designs during the process. Concrete polishing is the green choice for many flooring applications for large commercial floors. Our services all come with concrete densifying which is going to harden and strengthen the concrete. 

There are many benefits when using our concrete polishing services. The most important benefit is that it is going to create a more level surface and meet the OSHA static coefficient of friction which is 0.5. One big benefit is the concrete will resist tire marks from fork trucks and any other traffic that might be rolling over the concrete. Another great benefit is that there is not going to be any lifting, flaking or peeling. 

We want to help you get started with this process as soon as possible. Give us a call at (806) 571-8743 to figure out what is the best service for your needs. You can also visit our website at to get a free and quick estimate for the service you are looking for. 

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