Beautiful and Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Apr. 252021

When you’re considering decorative concrete resurfacing, it’s important to know about the intricacies regarding the service. Concrete flooring and resurfacing is NOT a “do it yourself” type project. It takes years of experience and the right tools and machinery to ensure your existing concrete is properly taken care of. Luckily at Diamond Kote, we have everything you need to ensure success with your resurfacing project.

There are numerous benefits in regards to seeking out decorative concrete resurfacing services. For starters, concrete is porous and therefore can absorb stains from different types of liquids. If you spill something on a floor made of carpet or wood, the stain will stay behind even if it’s removed quickly.

However, concrete resurfacing will minimize this problem because it forms a smooth surface as it cures. This means that no streaks or stains remain after the area has been restored. Concrete resurfacing is generally a great solution for restoring damaged, stained, or deteriorating floors.

Another benefit to decorative concrete resurfacing is that it can be made to look just like any other concrete surface. We offer a wide variety of decorative coatings with different colors and designs for you to choose from for your ideal concrete project. Some concrete surfaces also have the ability to bond with paint and sealants. This allows you to create any look that you want when you have decorative concrete restoration done.

When you need concrete resurfacing done, it’s important to plan some things out, or at least leave it to the professionals to set everything up. Planning ahead for work is always important, but this can mean a variety of things. Last spring and early fall are some of the best time frames to have concrete resurfacing done. If your surfaces are deteriorating, it’s best to keep this in mind.

We at Diamond Kote will figure out how much concrete you’ll need, how long the entire project will take, and we’ll provide any additional information that you request. These things are very important in determining the total cost and duration of the project.

The process of decorative concrete resurfacing usually takes two to three days. This time will depend upon the amount of concrete that needs to be removed, how large the concrete area is, and other factors. After the concrete has been removed, it will all need to be allowed to dry. It’s important to make sure that the entire surface of the concrete can dry out so that there is no additional work needed to be done, and no lumps or air bubbles form.

When the project is complete, you’ll then be able to see the amazing results. In some cases, the project will only take one day to finish. However, in some instances, you might need to spend a few days or weeks to completely finish your project. This is why it is important to get an estimate from your contractor as well as to ask for pictures of finished jobs.

If you’re considering decorative concrete resurfacing, we’re happy to be your first choice. With years of experience in the industry, we can provide some of the best concrete overlay and flooring work you’ll ever see.

For more information on our services, visit us online or call us today at 860-571-8743. When visiting us online, you’ll be able to see our project gallery, some well known clients and brands that we’ve worked with, and you can receive a quick estimate for your project. Don’t wait, call today!

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