Basement and Garage Floor Polishing

Mar. 72015

Utilizing Basements and Garages as additional living space in the home has quickly become one of the most popular home improvement categories. There is much to consider for flooring options. First you have to beware of the moisture problem that basement slabs and some garage floors present. Because these concrete slabs are poured “on grade”, ground moisture often enters to home through the floor. This process is called Moisture Vapor Transmission (or  MVT). This moisture vapor presents a problem with Most flooring options.

In many cases, hardwood, VCT, engineered flooring, and many other economical systems will not last without damage. Manufacturers will not warrantee these floors. Traditionally, the other options are ceramic tile or carpet. The drawbacks with ceramic tile is cost- usually $8-$12 per square ft or more, and grout- a flooring systems weakest link. Grout is permeable, porous, and relatively soft. Grout will pass moisture through into the living space, in doing so – it hold this moisture creating a health hazard called mold. Black mold and mildew has negative affects on the human respiratory system, creating long term lung and breathing issues if exposure is too high.

The Green Solution

DiamondKote® offers floor Polishing and Densifying that will reduce moisture vapor transmission and give the floor superior strength, dustproofing, stain resistance and shine. The result will give the floor an industrial look with a clean, natural feel. All materials used are VOC compliant, water based chemistry and 99% of the process is Labor. The small amount of materials used are manufactured with a very small carbon footprint. DiamondKote® also has options that include coloring the floor for that added antique appeal. The durable sealer is tough enough to resist automobile traffic and petroleum stains.

Prices for  floors that are properly power troweled and clean start under $2 per sq ft., making it the most affordable flooring treatment available. Contact us with a description of your floor’s condition and the square foot area and we will provide a free estimate.

Sealer Application- Polishing
Sealer Application- Concrete Polishing
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