When former Nascar driver Tony Lafo was looking to add style to his central CT garage he called the expert installers at DiamondKote Resurfacing.

We installed a vinyl chip system using ‘Hog’, a color combination that includes red, black, white, and gray chips to compliment Tony’s car.

How did we do it?

First, we carefully cleaned and grinded the existing surface, then applied a primer coat of epoxy and broadcast 1” vinyl chips.

The large sized chips gave Tony’s floor that vibrant color pop. After curing overnight, special scrapers made easy work of removing any loose chips. We applied a coat of 100% solids epoxy adding sheen and locking the chips into place. We came back the next day to apply urethane which protects the epoxy from UV rays and provides a durable scratch resistant surface.

The DiamondKote vinyl chip systems are astonishingly durable, sustainable sand easy to clean. These materials are built to last through all the wear and tear of anything from heavy factory machinery to tons of foot traffic. Cracking is especially rare, but easy to repair if it does happen. Stains, bacteria, and moisture are no match for seamless flooring. Best of all, the color and pattern combinations are endless!

Tony was incredibly happy with the results achieved by our team.

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