5 Signs You Need Serious Concrete Restoration

Feb. 52021

What exactly is concrete restoration? Simply put, concrete restoration is the act of restoring damaged and old concrete to its original or better form. Concrete can, unfortunately, wear away for a number of reasons, but you won’t always be able to tell when you need assistance. In today’s article, we’ll be going through some of the telltale signs of concrete deterioration and what might tell you that you need concrete repair.

Cracks in the Concrete: This one sounds pretty obvious, but sometimes cracks can go unnoticed. Small hairline fractures can be undetectable unless you’re looking for them. These can be caused by the ground underneath your concrete expanding or contracting due to the seasons and weather conditions. Rapidly changing weather can have serious impacts on all parts of your home, but your concrete foundation may take the brunt of the hits.

Intense rains or long droughts can cause your concrete to shift. If you start to see cracks within your walls and floors, contacting a professional for concrete restoration is highly recommended. Unfortunately, this is not a DIY project.

Pooling of Water: Water building up on your floors or dripping from the walls can be a significant indicator that your concrete is severely damaged. Water pooling up, especially after a large storm, is probably because wear and tear won’t allow proper drainage. When concrete is installed, there should always be some sort of waterproof coating. However, if this coating is too thin, it can wear away because of the elements.

Uneven Appearance: Sinking of floors or an uneven surface can be another sign that you need professional restorations. Similar to water damage, this could happen because of weather damage, or poor foundation work. If you have an unstable foundation, your concrete can begin to sink and fold in on itself. To fix this problem, trained professionals will need to add the correct support.

Signs of Aging: One of the most natural signs that you need concrete restoration is just normal wear and tear over time. Like anything, concrete can have wear and tear over time. All of the listed reasons can also be because of age. Cracks, potholes, water damage, and uneven structure are all indicators of old concrete.

Sticking Doors and Windows: This one is a bit of an oddity. If you notice your doors are difficult to open and keep closed, it could be because of an uneven surface, or sinking concrete. This can cause chips on the door frame and window itself.

When you need a dependable and efficient concrete restoration company, we hope you reach out to us. We’ve worked hard to build up our reputation and provide quality work for all our clients. To view some of our past concrete restoration projects, visit our gallery page. Alternatively, you can call us today with any questions at 860-571-8743.

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